Journal1 Yu Shimodaira

Now let me talk about my first impression of America.

I thought that  the size of many products were big . For example ,  I thoght that   the medium size of  coffeee in America equal to the large size of coffee. Also other foods and clothes were bigger  than Japan. Also I thought that many amereican people are so friendly. When I went to humburger shop , American waiter talked to me. Then I was surprised because I have few experinces like it.  I was asked that where do you come from?Also, when I did campus tour and activty , Ameican people accepted willingly the offer of taking a photo with us. If they were Japnese people , they would not accept the offer.

Also I want to tell you my goal. First, I want to develop my English  skill as much as I can.  Especially ,I want to improve my comunication skills in English. To achieve this goal, I will try to talk with Japanese keio students in English. Especially, I decide to speak with my room mates in English.Second, I want to know American culture more specific.  I studied world history when I was a high shool student but I have a lot of things which I don’t kow. Therefore,I try to  listen to the lecture  on framework lecture carefully,and I will  gain a lot of knowledge about American culture. By doing so, I wnat to broaden my sight because I will be able to acquire flexible  thinking. Third,I want to make  a lot of friends who are both Japanese and American .By making a lot of friends,I will keep in touch with them and Iwill share a lot of information after this program. Therefore,to achieve three goal, I am going to tackle this program very hard and I will enrich this short studyng abroad.


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