Maho Arito Journal 1

・I thought there is a lot of green and it is very comfortable weather as first impression of Williamsburg. I thought also the look of the town is very beautiful because almost of the buildings are made of bricks. The most impressive thing was the kindness of people here. They often speak to me. In Japan, I’m rarely spoken to by someone I don’t know. So, I was very glad it. I have three things which I hope to achieve during the program. Firstly, I want to improve my English. I had never been abroad since I joined this WM program. So, my English is very poor. To improve my English, I will speak to PA and talk a lot with them. The speed they speak is so fast that it is very hard to understand what they speak. However, I will try to do my best. Secondly, I want to speak in public by myself. I’m not good at speaking in front of people, so I always just hear someone speaking. To speak in public, I will speak actively in my dialog class in WM. The theme of dialog class is very difficult, but I will think about the theme very well and tell my pinion to the member of the class. Finally, I want to know about not only American culture but also the way of thinking of American people because I had hardly had opportunities to talk with them and hear what they are thinking. To know about it, I will listen to frame lectures very well and know various way of thinking.

・I heard the frame lecture in August 6th, I agreed with Mr. Hiroshi Kitamura in terms of what is culture and how do we study culture. However, I have an opinion about why do we need study culture adding to him opinion. I think it is important for us to study culture to understand the difference between us and other country. It is sometimes hard to understand people in a country where different language is spoken. If we know about their culture, we can understand them easily. So, I think it is one of the reasons why we need study culture. Secondly, I heard the frame lecture in August 7th, Toyama prefecture in Japan is local for me because I was born there and all my family live there. However, it is only one of the reasons why I think Toyama is local. My father is working at a bank, so I have moved to a lot of place since I had entered the university and always lived in one place for 2 or 3years. In every place I spent a good time, but when I was a high school student in Toyama I had the most important memory and I met best friends who I want to spend time with them in the future. This is my definition of local.


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