Azusa Murata Journal1

I’m going to write about my first impression of the United States and what I want to achieve during this program. My first impression is that there are the differences of breakfast between the United States and Japan. When I went to eat breakfast at hotel on the first morning of this program, I feel the differences of breakfast. Japanese breakfast is usually consisted of rice, misosoup, and some side dishes. And during eating breakfast, Japanese tend to drink barley tea or green tea. On the other hand, American breakfast seems to be consisted of bread and cereal. And during eating breakfast, American tend to drink coffee, milk, or some kinds of juice. There are many kinds of bread, cereal, yogurt and fruits in the room where we ate breakfast. It is the first time I have seen so many kinds of cereal lined up, and there is a very colorful cereal that I never have seen. The apples which were in the room were not cut or peeled the skins. In Japan, people usually eat apples after cutting them and peeling the skins. So, I felt it is interesting the Americans eat apples without cutting them and peeling the skins. And on the second morning, there are also waffle makers in the room. It is not common for Japanese to have a waffle maker in their houses, and I think most Japanese people don’t eat waffles for breakfast in their house. I haven’t used a waffle maker, so it is difficult for me to bake a waffle well. But the taste of waffle is good and to make it very fun.

Next I’m going to write about my aim of this program. I want to achieve two things during this program. First, I do my best to be able to catch and understand English better than before this program. Second, I hope to speak my thought to Americans without being ashamed. To achieve these goals I will speak with the participators in English as much as possible for two weeks. In addition, I will become to be able to understand contents of framework lecture and think about the questions which arise after listening lectures.


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