Erina Ohara Journal1

This program is the first time that I visit the United States, so I was so excited that I participated in this great program. Though I have studied abroad to the United Kingdom for ten days, I couldn’t speak English very well. Then, I have being wanted to speak English fluently. I decided studying English more.
My first impression that I visit the United States is feeling that everything is so big. For example, stores, foods, roads of cars and so on. I know that before this program, but I was excited and surprised at big sizes. While we moved to the hotel, the view which I could see through the window was so nice. That was so different from Japan’ s one. In part of speaking and listening English, it is hard for me to tell them something to want to say correctly. If my grammar and words are not correct, everyone who are students and professors of William and Mary tries to understand what I want to say. I’m so glad that, and I want to have communication with them more strongly.
I found that many words which I know are used as different mean that I don’t know. It is so fun for me to understand what it means. I want to know many phrases like that during this program.
I was so glad that my roommate is the student of William and Mary, but I was kind of nervous. However, that feeling was not necessary. She is so kind and I enjoy talking with her very much. I would like to be close to her more and talk with more. I also want to be taught many things by her.
Through these days, I hope to talk with the students of William and Mary more naturally. Furthermore, I decide to ask them about something not to know and understand. I will try to be wide my knowledge.
We spent only three days after arriving to the United States, but I have had so great time already. This program is the best for me. Although we still have 13 days, I think that it will be over so quickly. As I will not regret after this program, I will participate in dialogue class and focus group work more aggressively, talk with the students of William and Mary more and enjoy free time.
I guess that this program is the good opportunity to know culture of the United States. I can feel the culture directly here, so I want to learn about the United States. I’m so looking forward to spending two weeks here from now. I love here.

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