First three days (Daiki Takatsuka)

As a first impression, I feel that all people are tall and all things are big. 

When I talk with someone, I need to look up at. When I walk around the campus of the college of William & Mary, I need to be accompanied by teacher or student. If I stroll alone, I will get lost, because of the huge campus.

Also, I feel that American people are very kindso Im sure I have a good time in this program.

In this program, I hope to achieve the goal of improving my English skills. SoI will try to communicate with other people, argue with each other, and repeat trial and error. I think the more I make mistakes, the more I can learn. In the end of the program, my English skills will be polished. 

On August 6th and 7th, I had a two lectures.

First lecture is about “Culture”. There are three points in the Lecture of Dr. Kitamura. Three points are following, “What is culture?”, “Why do we need to study culture?”, “How do we study culture?”. He told me that to understand different culture, we need to see the culture on our own eyes, for example, go to a store, watch movies, and talk to each other. I really agree with him. I think it is important to do something voluntarily, especially actively try to start a conversation with English speakers.

Second lecture is about “Contradiction in America”. In this lecture, I learned the history of Williamsburg and the difference between “Locale” and “Locate”. A word “all men” in the declaration of independence means “all human beings”, but “men” doesn’t include “women”. This is a contradiction. I heard that “men” was transferred to “person”, for example, “spokesman” was transferred to “spokesperson”. I think this problem is deep-seated.

Anyway, I like America! Thank you very much!


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