Honoka Nakagawa Journal1

My first impression is that almost things of America are really big. Although I knew that the size of American food is big, I was surprised the big size I have expected. In Italian restaurant, set salad in America was as big as single item in Japan and I felt pasta in America was about twice as big as in Japan. On August 6, when we went to target, I was so surprised because everything not only food but also daily necessities such as detergent and shampoo, was big. These looked commercial use like goods of Costco in Japan. When I looked over the outside from car and did Photo Scavenger Hunt, I found houses and school in America are much larger than in Japan. And I thought size of clothes in America, for example the same S size, is bigger than in Japan.


I hope to achieve my goal of communicating in English actively and knowing about America. To achieve this goal, I would like to actively speak to teacher and PA. I usually worry about mistakes, so I want to get over it. And I need to ask teacher something I don’t understand or I want to deepen understanding.


Next, I would like to talk about lecture on August 7. We learned history of Williamsburg. I found that Williamsburg is old city and was once Virginia’s capital but the capital has moved to Richmond. I understood that Williamsburg is considered 2 types city. People who have been living in Williamsburg consider Williamsburg as “local”, which is defined that belonging to a particular place. On the other hand, people who moved to Williamsburg consider as “locale”, which is defined that a place connected to some particular, specific event or circumstance. I heard “locale” for the first time and I was interested in this subject. I want to know more America through lecture.

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