Honoka.T Journal1

I will write about my USA’s first impression.I think American are very kind. When I was in airplane from NRT to IAD, the American gave me a gum and cheer up me. This happening made me happy. And more, In W&M, I tried to take a photo with American. American gave my willing agreement. I am not good at speaking English well. But everyone tried to listen to my speaking. I decided to speak English brave, not afraid. This decision is my studying abroad’s goal. I will work at airport next spring, so I want to speak English frequently and listen to native speakers.

Next, I will write about lecture.I learned about “culture comparison ” and “history of Williamsburg”. To tell the truth, I didn’t understand about “culture” before arrived in USA. But I noticed “culture” are made by people including me. “culture” includes customs, thinking, each opinion, and more daily life. For example, Roger asked to focus group members “In Japan, lawyer and doctor and teacher are called SENSEI, why?” I never think and notice this. This discovery may be small happening, but this discovery is exactly “culture comparison”. In association this, I wondered about one thing. In USA supermarket, I discovered starbucks’ coffee powder in spite of there is starbucks store was attached. Also I will write about “history of Williamsburg”. Before I take a lecture, I think USA, Williamsburg doesn’t have the history of under control. So I asked to a professor “What is the most important factor of independence from European?” (I was a little happy to praise the professer said to me “It is a good question”.) The professor answered this question “The point is SEA.” I think this answer resembled Japan’s history. Japan has never under control until Edo era, because Japan is island country, so it was difficult to invade in Japan. I want to take care these notice and wondering.



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