Akane Ishii journal1

First, I’m going to write about my first impression and what I hope to achieve during the program. My first impression of the U.S. is that there are many kinds of people. For example black people, white people, and Asian people. And they say their claims clearly. On the First day, In the supermarket, one of the cash registers are broken. And some people were waiting for the transaction. One customer was irritated by this and he said the clerk “open the next casher!”. In japan, if people are in the same situation, they just say that in their hearts. So I was surprised to this and I got a little scared.

But, on the next day, when we try ‘Photo Scavenger hunt’, we asked strangers in the college of W&M to take a photo with us. They accept us willingly. I was impressed by their kindness. And staff members are very nice person, too. But I’m very shy so I can’t talk with the people here a lot. so what I hope to achieve during the program is to communicate with people here actively in English.

Next, I’m going to write about my responce to American cultre from lectures. In the lecture, I thought what culture is again. The theme of this program is cultural comparison between Japan and U.S.,but I haven’t understood what culture is. By listening to the lecture, I understood.

I think that by studying culture of other country, I can really understand what Japanese culture is. I have lived in Japan since I was born. So I thought the way of thinking of Japanese, Japanese lifestyle, and Japanese tradition are very natural. But I came here, I was surprised because the thing that I thought natural in Japan is not Natural in the U.S..  For example, in the lecture, students just listen to lecture and take notes silently and the professor keeps talking during the class in Japan. But in the U.S., students and professor communicate with each other and students actively discuss.  I think that I can notice the peculiarity and bad points of Japan by accumulating such discovery.

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