We arrived at Williamsburg on August 5. On our way to go to our hotel, we went to shopping mall for our dinner. I ate a sandwich in there. I order middle size, but it was so bigger than I thought. I took out it because I couldn’t finish it. Not only sandwich but also shopping mall was very big. Shopping mall in Williamsburg is 4 times as large as shopping mall in Japan. Probably, I need 4 or 5 minutes for walk from end to end.

Next day, we went to collage of William & Mary. I found a large field on the way. I thought that it is field for baseball or football. I asked to PA, and he answered that is an elementally school. Elementally schools that I know in Japan are small and between houses, but in U.S., elementally schools are huge. This elementally school was about 4 times as large as schools in Japan. I surprised size of elementally schools.

There were many large buildings in Williamsburg, but there were not tall buildings. If anything, only church was tall. I asked PA. She said that is decided by rule. It is maybe for landscape because there are a lot of old buildings and those are not tall. I heard a similar case by my friend. She lives in Tsuchiura town, Ibaraki, Japan. Her house is next to Kasumigaura lake. There are not tall buildings because it is decided by rule for lake landscape. If anything, only church was tall.

Anyway, why anything in U.S. is large? In my opinion, there is different of area between U.S. and Japan. U.S. has about an area of ten million square kilo meter. Japan has about an area of 350,000 square kilo meter. U.S. is about 3 times as large as Japan. It is reason that why anything in U.S. is large!!

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