Journal1 Taro Uemura

This is not my first trip to the United States, but every time I come to the U.S., I feel fresh. Now, let me talk about my first impression of America in this trip. when I had breakfast at a hotel, I was surprised because the menu was very different from that of Japan. In Japan, people often eat rice or toast and some kind of side dishes like fish or vegetable. On the other hand, there were a variety of serials and muffins. Chris said that it is very usual American brealfast. In Japan, serial is not so popular for breakfast, therefore I was so surprised at the difference. I prefer Japanese style breakfast. I want to eat rice now. However, I like orange juice, so I prefer American morning drink. In
Next, I want to talk about my goal of this program. There are three goals that I want to achive. First, I want to improve my English skil. Actually, I can read and understand English text because I practice hard to pass entrance exam. However, I am not good at comunicating in English. So, I want to develop my english skill espesially comunication skill through this program. Second, I want to broaden my knowledge. My mother often tell me that you should try to see the big picture. So, participating in this program, I want to try to obtain knowledge and broaden my horizon. By doing so, I beleive that I can widen my career option. Third, I want to know America. In fact, I would like to work in a job related to foreign country. Therefore, I want to learn about the United States because I think that the U.S. is a country which has strong impact on the world. To achive all of those, I enjoy this program and study hard. I swear.

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