journal1 Tsukasa Nakamura My first impression

My first impression for the United states is be rich in diversity. There are many kinds of people who have difference values. There are almost no differences between my expectation before I come here and first impression. Why there are a few differences between them is because I have been to Hawaii and Guam once. So, I could expect what is native American like. However, I have never been to south American. It is said native American have unique characteristic that change according to each region. So, I was really looking forward to being here to compare between my expectations and impression.

The most I was surprised as far is everyone are a lively, sociable nature. We played picture scavenger game August 6. Our PA suddenly talked with stranger and asked to take a picture with us. Every people readily complied with our request. I was really surprised and excited to play game. One professor accepted to take pictures and support our teams. He is really nice guy. On the other hand, we cannot play same game in Japan because many people refuse to take pictures. Also, when I was crossing paths with stranger, they exchanged greetings with me. I have never exchanged greeting with a stranger in japan. Many Japanese personality is not social. This is big different in Japan and in the United States.

I was just wondering why there are differences in two countries. I asked questions to professor Hiroshi Kitamura. He answered why stranger in United States suddenly talk with other people is based on American histories. Many kinds of immigrants come The United State and made countries more 500 hundred ago. They spoke different languages and have different skin. They had to get along with immigrants and recognize other people. In contrast, there are a few immigrants in Japan. They didn`t have to get along with stranger. This is the difference between the two countries. His lecture is interesting and worth thinking during these 2 weeks. I would like to rethink what is culture. This is good opportunity to consider about culture. 2 weeks later, I will answer this question in my own way I try to do my best.

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