Kanna Shimane My first impression Entry 1

I felt that everything differs from Japan with my first impression and I would talk about the three reasons why I felt so.
Firstly, there were many things which made me surprised. What I surprised the first was the climate because it was not so hot as Japan. I heard that outside temperature was 31℃ before getting off the plane, it was nearly same temperature as Japan, so I felt really bored then. However, I felt it was very good climate and comfortable for me rather than it was very hot. Japanese heat of summer is made from high temperature and humid, and Japanese people always felt much higher than actual temperature. I realized that how the humid really influences of my Japanese summer life. I hate humid. In addition, all of the cars turn right regardless of the signals. I only knew as my knowledge that it is natural and people who do not turn right are beeped by surround cars, but I have never seen such a circumstance with my eyes, it was very surprised and felt refresh.
Secondly, I thought that there are a lot of huge, not big things everywhere. When I looked up Washington International Airports before rode on bus, the Airport was absolutely huge. I do not know why but I felt some sense of intimidation from the Airport. Then, I felt the road was very wide. Every road has enough width for cars and there were some roads which have over three lanes. I have only seen tiny and narrow roads in Japan and they rarely have over three lanes. Above all, I felt this strongly in supermarket, especially in Target. In the target, I could not buy one bottle of coke only 2l and I saw laundry detergent are sold in absolutely huge container which I have never seen before.
Thirdly, the Americans behavior and rest of nature are so different from Japan. Every car driver stops and allows me to go first even if they drive with very high speed. The buzz of cicadas was different from Japan and it was not noisy. Nature has still remained enough for squirrel to be able to run everywhere. There is no limit to list up these points, but through these, I felt the Americans are so kind and realized the good points of nature again. These are completely different from Japan.
Through these three reasons, I thought everything are different from Japan and I strongly realized that I came to the U.S. I would like to enjoy and absorb everything around me for over 2 weeks.

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