Kaori Sano Journal1/ What I think after listening to the dialogue

I have three goals that I wish to achieve during this program. First, I desire to improve my English speaking and presentation skills. Now I’m not good at speaking in front of others, but I believe I can express my opinions clearly with a lot of confidence when I have enough time to prepare for it. Second, I would like to think deeply about difference of values between America and Japan. Lastly, I wish to have an analyzed opinion about controversial issues such as accepting immigrants.

Before I come to Williamsburg, I thought American people all think towards future and never think about nostalgia. But now I found that previous image I have had was prejudice. It was very interesting for me that college shop sells not only goods printed William&Mary logos, but also goods printed American flags. I suppose few foreigners buy such goods symbolized American patriotism, but there are many conservative Americans who buy these to highlight that they really love the home country and think America as local.

I also found the differences about the process to sell products between America and Japan. One of them is that American goods are used much colors than Japanese ones. Another one is that one shop sells variety of goods, from clothes to foods and drinks. I think it is because American merchandisers think as important to target children. I learned that children are entertained by multiple colors, and children often stroll around all over the wide space of the stores. Therefore, American-styled stores can be attractive for children to buy goods.

By contrast, Japanese producers think elderly people as a first priority customers. That is the reason why I think there are little colors in Japanese products. From my experience to talk with seniors, they prefer advertisements with simple colors rather than many highlighted colors. Also, it is usual to  sell different categories’ goods by individual stores in Japan. As I see, seniors often bring shopping lists to buy certain goods in case they forget them. Japanese-styled stores are helpful for people whose purpose of the shopping is decided or well-considered because space of each stores are compact enough to find products. Therefore, Japanese-styled stores can be attractive for seniors to buy goods.

Through two previous paragraphs, I’m trying to find  the difference of culture as the way of life and values between Japan and America.  I think American people are more kind to children than people in Japan and that is why the population of America is increasing and Japan’s is decreasing.






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