Mamiko Honda Entry1

This is my first time to come to the US, and I had not been abroad before. when I saw the scenery of outside of the airport, I thought that it is so broad! When we went to the grocery store, l felt that everything is big! The number of people here is less than that of my city, Yokohama. Contrary to Japan, I feel freedom in the US. My sense of time might be changed. I can spend time calmly here. There are many opportunities to talk with people, including clerks. My impression of people here is so kind. In Japan, I cannot speak to anyone who l has not see, but here l felt easy to do it. Honestly, I was thinking that it would be difficult to accustom living in the us, but now I feel comfortable to be here although I cannot speak English well.

My purpose of this course is making much communication in English. For now, I have many times that I cannot understand what they said, so I cannot response well. I’m afraid that my PA is annoyed due to my vague answer or response. I don’t want them to feel bad during conversation with me. I want to be able to tell them my thoughts clearly but I can’t find words quickly. I want to improve my English and change my mind. Maybe it is hard but to make my wish come true, I should have much more communicate, so it is my purpose.



On 6th August, we listened to the lecture by Dr.Hiroshi Kitamura. He talked about culture. There are four types of culture: high culture, mass culture, popular culture and culture as way of life. I could think of these cultures of the US. Probably, it is because these cultures are almost visibility. However, I noticed many cultures which we cannot see. I feel these cultures while I stay in the US many times. For example, way of communication and altitude, and I think there are many such differences between us. I want to build good relations with people here, so I asked him how to build relation with people who has different culture. He said that to understand each other and to observe differences are important. To do it, we should talk each other more. I have not understood our differences yet. I will try to find more cultural differences during my stay. However, I want to find not only invisible differences but also visible cultural difference. When I walked around W&M college campus, I surprised its extent and facilities. It was interesting the point which is different from university in Japan. Maybe I will experience many American culture from now on. I am so exciting.

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