Manai Suzuki Journal1

This short term study abroad in United States is my first visit to mainland United States, so I was always looking forward about it. I like speaking English because my kindergarten was international one, so I was used to speak English since I was child, but I have never study abroad before. Then I know this program and participate this program and get useful English speaking ability, and communicate with native people to improve it. I also prepared for focus group presentation for long time. It was hard because I had a lot of things to do, but it took me good opportunities to search and know about the culture of United States. My image of United States was everythings are big, and colorful. I felt that image was true, when I went to the supermarket. First day was almost only riding on the airplane and bus and I felt very tired but I was excited so I couldn’t sleep well!

Second day, I went to College of William&Mary. My first impression of the campus was huge and there are a lot of nature and people in America are very kind. I was not used to speak English in my daily life now, but native people listen to us carefully for my English, and sometimes they asked one more time to repeat so I could  know  what is the fault of my intonations. 

In the college, I listened to the flame work lecture by Dr. Hiroshi Kitamura and Dr. Arthur Knight. My local is Yamanashi because I lived in there for 18 years until I graduated from high school, also my grandparents’ house is there. I am living in Yokohama now, but I don’t think there is my hometown. After we listened to them, we can ask some questions to them, it is good chance to think deeper.

I’m spending very fulfilling days in the United States. I want to absorbs more and more knowledge during this summer program.

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