Mikoto Kanno Journal1

There are many surprising things about American culture. For example, big size food and supermarkets, tip payment system. In particular, I feel that Amerika is freedom. First, it seems that American people have room in their minds. In hotel, the elevator’s close button doesn’t light although I pushed the close button. I think that this button doesn’t work. When American people used the elevator with me, they didn’t push the button. I was surprising. And I notice that American people don’t need push the close button. In Japan, most people push the close button. Most of Japanese people are always in a harry. I think that Japanese people don’t have room in our minds. I will not push the close button in Amerika. Second, I talked with American people in hotel. For example, “How are you?” I was surprising. But I feel comfortable. Then, I tried to talk everyday conversations with them, too. Compared with Japanese, American people don’t worry about other people. Most Japanese care too much about other people. American people let me treat with other people friendly. It is something that I am not used to as a Japanese. I think that I am freedom in American culture. But I think American people too freedom for meals. American food, hamburgers, sandwiches are very delicious, I will be freedom for meals, too. I have spent for 4 days in Amerika. I have already discovered common point and difference point between American and Japanese culture. I think American people have culture of freedom. In addition, I think I will find many more cultural differences.

I took the lecture about American culture, then I am interesting that. When I took the lecture, I remember that I learned about modern social in Keio university. And I notice the things that I learn in Keio university, sociology, history, and so on, can connect with lecture of this program. Then, I am sure that I will use experiences of this program and learn well in Keio university after this program.


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