Yuka Kawashima Journal1

The first impressions of College of William & Mary is the whole town is like a big theme park. I think it because there are no tall buildings like Tokyo and I feel the restaurants and shops are very fashionable.

The collage has more than 300 years history, so we can feel the history of whole Williamsburg . I am so excited to spend about two weeks here.

The foods I ate were wonderful too. Eating americanized sushi and ramen is good experience to recognize what flavor American like. Every customer in the Japanese restaurant that our group visit was using chopsticks, I was so happy to find the culture mixing .

I feel that Americans are kind to us. They never hate my poor English and try to figure out what I want to tell. Through this program, I want to improve my speaking English skill and activeness to join the discussion and debate. Now I think I cannot speak English so well. I also think that I can improve such skills only by practicing speaking.

And as much as I can, I would like not to speak Japanese with my friends but speak in English.  I want to keep the English Language Policy and Pledge I signed in order to achieve my goal.

In the first day’s lecture, we learned what is culture, how we learn culture and why we learn culture. We need to understand four type of culture. These are high Culture, which is only for rich people like literary. And mass culture, which is by big companies’ mass producing. And popular culture, which is by ordinary people like us and as the way of life. As professor Kitamura said, the movie “green book” does not react the real problem of discrimination. I think we need to keep eyes on a lot of discriminations existing in our society. Not only good points but also bad aspects of society we belong to are the part of our culture,

In the second day’s lecture, we learn the history of Williamsburg. The lecture about the colonial background in Williamsburg and thinking about where I am local was so interesting.

Every teacher took care of our English level and tried to make difficult phrases into easy and understandable phrases. This is same to our teaching assistants and PAs. I am so appreciated to them but I would like to be able to keep up with what they are saying.

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