Yuna Yamada Journal1

I saw some mannequins at TARGET, a supermarket in US. There were three kinds of mannequins of woman, a thin shape, a regular one, and a stout one. They wore swimming wear or fashionable clothes. That was the first time that I have ever seen the stout shape one, so I was surprised. I again realized that American’s demands are variously.

In Japan, for the most part, mannequins are the thin type. I think this shape does not match Japanese women’s body, because Japanese women are not tall so much and not all women are thin. Really my legs are shorter and thicker than mannequins, so I cannot use such a thin one as reference for buying clothes.

I compared with the mannequins in US and Japan. This comparison gave me an idea about a social problem. I heard that girls too worry about their body shape, and then, they cannot eat anything or go on a diet abnormally. The connection between mannequins and health is little, but the shape of mannequin may be a factor of this trend. From the point of view of health, I think mannequins in Japan should have more varieties. Exceptionally, in Japan, there are apparel shops for stout people such as “PUNYUS”, which is an apparel bland in Japan. Maybe, tout mannequins are at such shops in Japan too. But I see only thin mannequins at major enterprises.

Then, why are mannequins in Japan not in various ways? My idea is that Japanese big companies do not look at a niche market for only tout Japanese women. Minor enterprises like “PUNYUS” have succeeded in the niche market.  In US this market may be not niche, and there is enough space to put many mannequins in the shops, so Japan cannot introduce the same way.

However, I think it is a role of major companies that work on social problems. In order to improve girls’ health, using some kinds of mannequin is effective. And I saw some body types of mannequin, in my opinion, I want shops to show mannequins which look like normal Japanese. By looking at daily life in US, I came to think about things which I want Japan to change, so this experience will be good for me.

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