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If I asked the first impressions of my first American trip, I cannot list up all of things that I felt, because I saw and felt too much things … such as America is more safe, more kind, speak English clearer and louder, than I expected, and there are so few salad menus that my pimples on nose are bigger and bigger etc.
Then I would like to focus on two things that I was especially impressed.
First, Americans recognize that some people cannot speak English well, so they always try to understand and tell something in the simple way to communicate each other. Before I came to America, I thought that Every Americans think〝we are the first〟like one president said 〝America first〟, I had the image that Americans are strong, powerful, selfish, usually cloud their faces. Although I am not sure where the images came, but I guess I get from movies, dramas and magazines.
To summarize my thoughts, the conception made by closed room is not always true.
We must know that, but we know that on words, not based on experience.
Unless we visit and communicate the country, we cannot know the truth however thanks to the mass media, we tend to rely on the information that not gain by myself and we don’t feel like to confirm in excuse of having much time to travel.

Second, I was impressed by the difference of laughing between American and Japanese. During listening lecture, I didn’t know why Americans laugh at in this point. I felt something difference. In Japan, I think, we communicate not only words but also smiling at conversation, and I especially have lived by using laughing cleverly, so I felt my identity was broken. In this course, I want to understand what is American laugh, American joke because I want to research laughing conception between countries in university.

At the end, I would like to refer to the thoughts about the lecture conducted on August 4.
After the lecture, I consider why this lecture was choused at the first day of our visiting university.
To ponder something, I reach the discovery that it is the message – what we should do and the purpose of this course.
〝culture can be know by talking with one another〟-this is the best sentence I remind in my heart during his lecture. It is the goal, I think.
we should tell my culture by talk because it will be useful to make my life more variable, that is meaning.Of course, we should accept American charcrter,culture,ritual, practice like not saying『No』will be responsible for me although I can’t understand− to know more and discover something.

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