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 Today, I listened about the history about the U.S. I reconsidered about how terrible it was for black people. I was surprised at the fact black people was killed by the police officer just because he or she is black. I also know the house of Jeferson was built by the black. And in terms of culture, I think culture is much influeced bt the history. So I think if there are no history of the black that they work as slaves and were discriiinated by the white, may be there are no culture of hip hop like rap music made by black people. I am realiy interested in how was the culture of the rap music by black borned in such a hard situation for black. At the first period, may be the culture of black was thought crazy or something, but for now it is regarded as cool.   

 Next I want to share the experience of today`s freetime shopping. It was very fun, and I bought a lot of things. I was surprised at how friendly the clerks were. They always said “thank you”or”thank you”or”how are you” I can`t imagine these words are said by the Japanese clerks. I love this words, and felt comfortable after shopping. They are very kind and talked to me as if I am his or her friends.Even if I don`t buy anything, The clerks said”thank you and have a nice day”to me.     

    Not only the clerks but the people in here were also kind. When I went to the ice creme shop, and asked one man “which one taste good?”, he ansered the taste very kindly. May be in Japan, I was neglected by the Japanese people. And simply, everyone was cool and there were many racies not only American but also Asian and so on. 

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