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On free day, I went to movie theater, outlet and baseball game!

First, “Spider man” movie is my first Marvel series I watched in theater so it was exciting for me.

And I was so surprised to find that each chair has table and can order foods like restaurant. In Japan, there are only popcorns or ice cream or something to drink when we watch movies.

I think that the custom of tip makes servers to be kind and consideration to customers. It cannot be believed in Japan to have a conversation like “Hi” or “How are you today” among clerks and customers which is common in America.

Second, outlet was so amasing place for me. It was so big that I could not walk around all shop I wanted to visit. But I was happy to buy a lot of clothes that may be too expensive if  I  buy in Japan.

Next day’s church visit was a strong experience for me to understand how Christ are thought in America. The words “We become new” “We are the part of god’s plan” the bishop said again and again was impressed.

Lecture on 8/9, we learned race relation. Since Japan has only one ethnic, Japanese, I could hardly imagine what discrimination on black people in America is like. But thanks to the lecture and the photos which professor Ely showed us, I understood that race relation between white and other people is so complicated and conflicted and hard to solve. And it is even hard for Japanese to understand and accept things and people which are different from us. But I think it is very important and necessary in order to live through this globalization.

Lecture on 8/11. we learned religion in America. It was so difficult for me to understand the all contents in the lecture. I understand religion has relations to the politics and it is a major problem to be sited in media. I think it is difficult to deal with religion. It is so bad to believe religion in a radical way. On the other hand, because Japan does not believe in a particular religion, the guidelines of one’s own life may not be established. I think it would be better to find some belief that would guide my life.


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