Akane Ishii journal2

Firstly, I’m going to write about the aspects of American culture from lectures.

Before I came here, I thought that the discrimination of black people is almost over. But I heard the lecture, I knew that there is still the discrimination in America. I came  America, I felt that there are more kinds of race than I had ever thought. And I realized the diversity of the America. In Japan, most people have the same color of the skin, so I didn’t think the difference of the race consciously. But in America, I think that people are often conscious of the racial differences in the daily life.  

The history of the discrimination of the native American and Black people is very long. So it is difficult to suddenly change the people’s perception that black people are interior to white people. In the age of slavery, black people worked for the masters for a lifetime. And they were not allowed to live with their families. Though the age of slavery ended, the school of black people and the school of the white people were separated. Especially, I was surprised to hear that buses are divided into white people and black people areas until recetly. And black people had to give their seat to white people when white people came. I think that these facts lead to the today’s discrimination .  

America is a country where people of various skin colors live. So racial problems are  likely to occur. But to eliminate the black discrimination, I think that Americans should educate children not to instill discrimination against blacks.


Next, I’m going to write about the response to free day activities and food and recreation.

 On the free day, I went to Colonial Williamsburg and Museums, Outlets, and baseball game in Richmond. In the morning, I went to Colonial Williamsburg and Museums. There were people who wear the historic costume. So I felt like I slipped back in time. And I noticed that there are a lot of walking dogs. I thought dogs here are bigger than dogs in Japan. In the afternoon, I went to Outlets. I was surprised to see the price of brand goods. I bought lipstick. It costs about 3500yen in Japan, but I was able to buy it for $11. I wondered why the price was so different in Japan and America. In the evening, I went watching the baseball game. There were so many pretty kids . I felt that compared to Japan, there are more people watching the game with their family than Japan.  I had a great time.


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