Azusa Murata Journal2

I’m going to write about free day activities. In the morning, I went to the movie of Spider-Man: Far from Home. I have ridden the attraction of Spider-Man in Universal Studios Japan, but it was the first time I have watched the movie. And the movie that I watched was involved in the series of Iron Man. I also have never watched the movies of Iron Man. So, I was looking forward to going to the movie. The scenes of actions were very powerful and interesting. In addition, I had the image that Spider-Man was in New York, so it was very fresh for me to see Spider-Man be in Europe. For example, Spider-Man visited Venezia, Prague and London. I was very surprised when I watched the last scene of the movie. In the trailer of the movie, the character named Mysterio cooperated with Spider-Man. But in the main program, Mysterio betrayed Spider-Man. I took it for granted that Mysterio was one of Spider-Man’s supporters. Because there was not any captions and the speed of talk was very fast, it was difficult to understand all of the contents of the movie. I was surprised at two differences between movie theaters in U.S. and Japan. First, the seats in the movie theater where I went were bigger than that of Japan. The seats in the movie theater were very comfortable to sit on, so I could relax to watch the movie. Second, the board table to put on the food such as hamburgers and sandwiches is different from movie theaters of Japan, there isn’t such a board table in movie theaters of Japan. Also, there aren’t any push buttons in movie theaters of Japan. Japanese people have the habit of watching movies with eating popcorn and drinking in theaters, but they don’t have the habit of watching movie with eating regular meals. It was a valuable experience because I could feel differences between movie theaters in U.S. and Japan.

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