Erina Ohara Journal2

First, I wrote about my free day.  I was so looking forward to my free day.  I got up early and visited Colonial Williamsburg at first.  The temperature and wind were good, so I felt comfortable.  Next, I arrived at the farmer’s market.  I imagined that it located at different place where I have never been to before I visited the place.  However, the farmer’s market was located at the place where I know.  I was kind of surprised at this fact because this was so different from the usual condition.  In the farmer’s market, there were many people and dogs.  I love dogs, so I was so happy to be able to see various dogs which I have never seen in Japan.

I also visited art museum in the morning.  There were many valuable things there.  I was able to see cute monuments such as Noah’s Ark.  There were many kinds of couple of animals and a few persons around the ship.  I think that that was cutest one in art museum.

I went to the Williamsburg premium outlets in the afternoon.  I got some clothes and jewelries.  I was surprised at the price.  The price in the outlets was kind of cheaper than Japan’ one.

I went to Richmond to watch a baseball game.  I was excited to watch the game because I watched baseball game lastly one years ago.  I was surprised that the players were so taller than Japan’s players.  I had a very good time in my free day.


Second, I wrote about visiting the church.  I visited there for the first time.  This was so good opportunity that I could directly feel the culture of the United States.  I have two reasons I think so.

First, I have a few opportunities which relate with religion such as a funeral in Japan, so I hardly think about religion.  Therefore, it was very difficult for me to understand the people who believe in various religion and why the war relating religion happens anywhere.  While I was in the church, I felt the power of religion.  Almost of the people sang a song in loud voice and prayed for long time.  In Japan, I have seen the view like that in funeral a few times, but between two have big difference.  The people in church looked like really Christian and really believer.

Second, I found that the people in the United States are not shy different from Japanese. In Japan, almost of Japanese don’t talk to a stranger very much.  However, in the United States, almost of the people talk to me.  I feel that Americans are so kind and not shy.  While I am in Japan, I don’t think that Japanese are so shy.  I can learn about both the United States and Japan during this program.  That’s so great.  I want to learn more.


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