Fumiho Tanaka Journal 2

On Saturday, I went to the professional baseball game for the first time in my life. Although I was wondering if I could enjoy the game because I didn’t recognize the flying squirrels and the away team, I didn’t have to worry about it. People were enjoying drinking beer and eating hotdogs with fries while watching games. There were few people that watched the score seriously. Also, the entertainment such as mascots and dancing performing was exciting. It is very different from Japan as supporters sing rooter’s songs together, and they do care about the scores and results. I thought that the whole point of baseball games in the U.S. was to enjoy being there by eating good food and chilling with friends and family as well as watching the game.

On Sunday morning, I visited the New Zion Baptist Church. I was surprised by how different it was from Japanese one. The worship in Japan is quiet and solemn, but I feel the one in Virginia is passionate and happy. They celebrated the birthday guy and welcomed the person who visited for the first time. Personally, I was happy that we were introduced, and everyone was very kind. They gave us a cool pen that lights on. The interesting point was that the church staff said that I could call him anytime I want because the address and phone number of the church were printed on the pen. I wouldn’t see this hospitality and entertainment at the church in Japan.

The two lectures we previously took were difficult to think about. Ever since English people came to the U.S. at first, most black people were enslaved and kept being treated badly. People segregated facilities for the white and black, and sometimes they killed the black people just because their skin colors were black. Even though the Civil Rights Law was enforced in 1964, there still is discrimination. I think it is a serious problem in the U.S. compared to other countries. Japan is not a country where many kinds of people exist together, so we haven’t had severe race discriminations. The racism in the U.S. is so much better than the past, but it is still messed up and connected to other issues like poverty.

Another problem related to the discrimination would be the gender equality. Women had no rights compared to men and it was very offensive. But in the lecture, I found the definition of religion interesting. There is no one agreed-upon definition, and Super Bowl could be seen as religious. I felt that we have similar thoughts about religions in Japan. Our school, Keio University is often thought as “religious” because many of the students and graduates express their love towards Keio. We sing and cheer the team at the games of Keio versus Waseda, and we sing our school song every time they score. So, I thought that the meaning of religion is very wide and common in the world.

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