Haruna Fujimaki Journal Entry 2

In the lecture about race relation, I was surprised at the fact of “white nationalist” because I had thought that the radical racism like this had already finished several decades ago. And I thought American racism is stronger than Japan. In Japan, there is also the movement which purpose is exclusion of other races such as Korean or Chinese. But it doesn’t mean that Japanese are the best people. Even if some people think so, they seldom attack anti-racist. And most Japanese regard racism as the wrong thing. Meanwhile, in America, some of white people not only think white is better than anybody else and also often attack their opponent. In addition, the attacks happen even by public power such as police officers.

That is very different from Japan. At first, I thought it is because the rate of black people in America is more than that of different race people in Japan. But to my surprise, the rate of black people is only 12 percent. I imagined there is more black people in America, and Dr Ely said most people feels same as me. In fact, the rate is different from place to place. The rate of some state is 50 percent and that of other state is very low. This is related to a feature of America. America has federalism and very different culture in each state. Japan doesn’t have system like federalism though there are a little difference in local cultures.

Though the topic of the lecture was different, Dr Johnson said that in America, education differs by where the school is and whether it is private or public. This doesn’t happen in Japan. Children receive almost the same education everywhere in Japan. I think education is very important because it will construct people’s basic part and that the difference of educational system has influence on racism.

In the lecture of contemporary American religion, I was also surprised at the Christian discrimination between men and women because I had thought it was vanished thanks to feminism movement in the past.

In Japan, most people seem to have no obvious religion to believe in but in America, almost 80 percent of people are Christians though the number of these people are declining. The influence of Christianity is still large. Dr said this culture is changing finally today, but the change is slow. I think this is the same as Japan. Japan also has gender roles and it is one of the big problems Japan should deal with. Japanese government tries to make society where women or men can choose their lifestyle as they want, but society can’t be changed so fast. There are many cultural differences between America and Japan, but I think both of two countries have the same difficulty in changing the social structure.

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