Honoka Nakagawa journal2

I would like to talk about response to free day activities on August 10. I went to Regal New Town Stadium in morning and watched the movie of Spider-man: Far from Home. Because I have never watched Spider-man and Marvel, I haven’t understood the story of Marvel Comic when I have gone to the USJ in Osaka, I have been wanted to watch. So, I was happy to get opportunity to watch it in the home America. When I went into the theater, I was so surprised because the theater I went to was very different from the one I have ever gone in Japan. In Japan, I usually buy food such as snacks and drink before I enter in the theater, and I set them drink holder close at hand. But, this time, I could call a clerk and order food, which included not only snacks but also dish which needs to use a spoon or a fork. And each chair was attached a table. Then a clerk served food to my table, I thought that was just like restaurant. Moreover, there are no movie goods, while many movie goods are sold in Japan. And people in America laughed out loud even in slight comedy part, I thought reaction of people in America often exaggerated. Many Japanese don’t do that, because we may be thought trouble if we make any noise. I’m always careful not to be rude to customers nearby, even when I eat popcorn. So, it was fresh for me and I enjoyed tempted by their laughter. I realized that the culture of the movie theater in Japan like this has been established. I prefer the atmosphere of the theater in America to in Japan. Even if the same movie, feelings and impression may be different due to where country we watch the movie. This was the good experience for me!

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