Journal 2 (Daiki Takatsuka)

On August 9th, I went to Richmond and got a lecture from Dr. Mel Ely. He explained the  race relation in American history, especially the relationship between the white people and the black people. I thought that most Japanese people didn’t know the feeling of racial segregation because most Japanese people are Asian. So, I questioned him, “In American history, why the white people segregate the black people fundamentally?” He answered it very briefly and very precisely. I’ll write down a summary of his answer, “the interaction between slavery and racism.” In other words, slavery generated racism and racism also generated slavery. To begin with, people who are rich can employ labors (I think there are a lot of cases that the former corresponds to the white people and the latter corresponds to the black people).  The employers don’t give their labors enough foods, rests and so on. Also, they separated the labors from their lives. This made racism. Once racism is created, people take slavery for granted. That’s why people repeat the slavery. Owing to his lecture, I learned the one of the aspects of American culture.

On August 10th, I went to various areas. In the morning, I visited the Farmers Market and the museum of Colonial Williamsburg. The Farmers Market was very crowded by people. I drank a cold brew for the first time. It tasted good. Also, I met Chris’s family. His baby was cute, cute, and cute. Then, I went to the museum. To tell the truth, the staff of the museum explained fast and long, so it made me boring. In the afternoon, I visited the Yorktown beach. The water was a little dirty, so I just paddled. Also, I went to a sea food restaurant named “Water Street Grille”. I ate a fish tacos, and it tasted terrific. In the evening, I watched a baseball game in the stadium of Richmond Flying Squirrels. I enjoyed the game and a hot dog meal.

Anyway, I love America! I don’t want to go back to Japan!

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