Journal 2 Kanna Shimane

I really enjoyed past several days. I would talk about these days in this entry.
The first is the visit for Hampton. The visit for Hampton, which was the day of Canon visit, was very nice. Whole view of the shops was alike a town in Disney or Universal Studio. Every shops’ walls were painted more colorful than Japan and I could see stylish street rumps everywhere. I really liked the shopping mole. In the evening of the day, I went to Italian restaurant and ate pizza. Pizza was very delicious but it was too large for me to eat. I tried hard and ate 5 pieces then, but I could not eat all of them then. I felt that it was not so good for leaving some food, so my chest hurt, however, I could take the pizza back to the hotel. I was surprised because I have never heard such a system in Japan. I took it back thankfully and ate the next day morning.
The second is about a framework in Richmond. A framework in Richmond was very heavy subject. I had searched about topics like that one but I was realized that my preparation was not enough. It was absolutely tough subject for me, but I did not dislike the subject. It was valuable occupation for me to think about it. After the lecture, I could see colorful and beautiful mural paintings. I took many pictures in front of the walls with my friends. It became good memory for me.
The third is free day. The next day, free day was really fun. I have never been to farmers’ market before, so I could hardly imagine what were sold and how many people would come. There were so many people there, and I also could see many kind of dogs. I like dogs, especially corgi, very much. Corgi has big ears, short legs and round body, I love those very cute silhouette. I was very satisfied because I was able to get the opportunity not only to eat great food but also to see many dogs especially brown and black corgi.
Finally, it is about visit to the church. Visit to the church was really good. I think that there are few chances to join or experience such a service because I am not a Christian. I heard that Unitarian Universal’s service was not ordinary, but I felt it would become valuable experience in my future life. Thank you for having made such a great opportunity for us.
There are only three days for focus group preparation, so I will work harder since tomorrow.

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