Journal 2 Ryusei Kuwamitsu

August 9th, we listened to the lecture about race relations in the U.S. by Dr. Mel Ely. Dr. Ely said that there was racism since Europeans came to the U.S. First racism was done against Native Americans because they had different culture than Americans had. Second racism was against African people who were enslaved for human power. Since English men came to Virginia, they made Tabaco because it became a lot of money. They worked extremely hard then they wanted to get power to work. Therefor, They bought people from Africa who were enslaved. It was the beginning of second racism.

Since Barack Obama was inaugurated as President, someone said that there was not racism against African people in the U.S. However, racism still exists in the U.S. There is some problem that is cause from racism. First, Police shot African people. Second, White nationalists did racism movements. In 2017, a white nationalist drove in to cloud of people that protested against the white nationalists, and one person was killed by this attack. Third, African Americans are still poor. I think that it is the most important problem of racism in the U.S.

We stay woodland hotel in Virginia. I found that employees in hotel are only African persons. So. I asked Dr. Ely that why are they only Africans, what is difference between African persons work as teacher or office worker and work as employee in such as hotel. He said that is opportunity. For instance, different of born is mainly reason. Thus, if person was born in state where change in law, such as stopping racism, he can’t go to school with white persons. So, he can’t study to high level things.

I am Japanese person, so I have not ever seen the racism directly, so, it is difficult to imagine. Why some persons hate other race persons? All of human is born to same and equal. There are not difference.

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