journal 2 Tsukasa Nakamura races relationship

I would like to write about race relations in American history from lecture. It was extremely fascinating and worth thinking about it. Race relationship has been serious problem from long time ago. Even now, the issue are not solved. The professor Mr. Ely gave us precious time to consider about race relationships. The lecture was just like American. The United State is a country of immigrants. There is various race in there. In contrast, there are almost Japanese, there are not many immigrants in Japan. The government has not been accepting immigrants into Japan. So, I have never considered about race relationship until today. We don`t discuss about races relationship in Japan. Also, this is not big problem in Japan.

We learned a lot about race relationship history from lecture. Indian first came to the US who speak English. Skin color was not important then, but important culture and habit of people. I wonder when people start to recognize and separate people by their color. People in North America didn`t need slavery, but people in south American need slave. Because south took jobĀ  in plantation agriculture. They needed many slaves to grow. The slavery was necessary to keep plantation agriculture for south. However, the north promoted the growth of commerce and industry. They didn`t need slavery. Also, they needed black people as a buyer. The north won the war and abolished slavery.

In spite of black people have right after the civil war. The discrimination was still remained. I wonder why some white American discriminate black people after the civil war. Also, why did some white people misunderstand white are better than black people? I asked why they separate people according to their skin. The professor said it was depending on old racial history. The working style let them to discriminate.

The discrimination is sometimes seen in the world, it is not good. To get rid of discrimination, we have to understand about national characters in other races. As professor Ely said, the most important attitude is to respect other people. I want to be the world that each person, each nation is respected. I hope to become this world happier than the world now. To make this world better, I would like to communicate and exchange ideas with as much people.

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