Journal two, Taro Uemura

I have leaned alot about American culture or history. Everyting is very interesting.  Now, let me talk about the lecture I have sat on this program.  In August 9th, I  sat on lecture about the race of the United States by Dr.Ely. English came to America in order to make money, so first they made tobacco. However, it was hard to make tobacco efficiently, therefore they tried making african people work for Europian colonist. As a result, only black people could be enslaved in late 1600’s.  I was surprised to hear that because I thought that Europian people made not only black people but also Native American.

Then, in 19 century, American splited into two factions. North of the United States argued that slavery have to abolish. On the contrary, south claimed that the country have to use enslaved black people. This conflict led to the Civil War in 1861. After all, the North defeated the South, and therefore slavery came to be banned publicly in America. However, discrimination against African American remained.  I know that the discrimination is stronger in south than in north, so I think that it relates to the slavery before the Civil War. I asked Dr.Ely a question about that thought. He answered that the reason why the discrimination is stronger in south is that there are a lot of African American in south, on the other hand few in north. In north, people could not discriminate because there were few African American. That answer made total sense.  Finally in 1964 and 1965, Civil Right Laws were established and total equality was ostensibly achieved. However, resently many problems about race have been in America. Mainly there are two big problems. First is that shoot by police. These days white police officer shoot African American.  Second is white nationalist. I am so interested in these problems that I want to keep studying about it in America, and of course in Japan.

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