Journal2 Yu Shimodaira

I have  thought that American culture are very different from Japanese one  since I visited America.   Now let me talk about aspects of Amereican culuture I learned.

I learned thst Race Relations in American History is imporatnt  in American culuture from the lecture Dr. Mel Ely gave. I recognized that white people has discriminated against black people for a long time. Black people were enslaved by white people . In addition ,black people could be enslaved. In the civil war,they recovered the rights and many of them were not already enslaved. However, black people were seperated from white people. For example, there were buses which have exculusive seats for white people. Also,there were cases that black man was shot by white police officer. The man  are innocent. However,we can recognize that there are many racial discrimination now.Racial discrimination can make new culture. So, it can be also said that racial discrimination make  the  part of  American culuture.

Also, I learned that many different races are mixed together in America and people who have different culuture made new culuture. Therefore ,American culuture is formed by immigrant.

I went to the church for the first time in August 11. I had never visisted church in Japan. I felt that worship in the church was more casual than I thuoght. The reason I thought is that people who vistited the church was introduced by the priest and  they  were clapped by other people.I was surprised by it. Also, I felt that religion plays important role in America. I thought that believing in God is the sort of the culuture. Many of Japanese people don’t believe in specific religion,so I felt  it fresh to have watched American people  believing in God enthusiastically.

Therefore, I could learn little the difference of culuture between Japanese and America. I want to know American culuture more.

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