Maho Arito Journal 2

・In August 10th, I went to Colonial Williamsburg and Williamsburg Area Museum in the morning. First, we visit the Farmer’s Market and I drank water melon juice there. It was very flesh and delicious. I also took pictures with colonial people. They wore traditional clothes. They were beautiful and cute. After that, we went to a museum. There were portraits of famous people such as George Washington and a lot of furniture. I was very interested in 19thcentury portraits which people weren’t smiling. People in the portraits were actually smiling, but it took a lot of time to draw portraits in the past. So, painters in the 19thfailed to draw correctly and they draw people not smiling. There are cameras and smartphones now, so we can take pictures easily. However, it was not easy in the past. I think it is great thing that we can leave a moment correctly now. In the afternoon, I went to the outlet. There was not enough time to do shopping, but I could buy a very nice bag. After the outlet, I went to watch a baseball game. I watched the baseball game in America for the first time, so it was very fantastic!! In the middle of the game, children danced. They were very cute and I took many pictures of them. I enjoyed free day very much.

・In August 11th, I went to Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists. People in the church were very kind to us and spoke to me very much. I had thought churches in America were very serious since we went there. However, the atmosphere was more causal than I had expected and the poster talked with jokes. So, I came to feel calm and became happy for their kindness.

・I heard the frame lecture in August 9th, I was surprised that there is terrible racism in the past in America. For example, washstands were separated between black people and white people. In Japan, there are a little of minority people such as Ainu and Ryukyu people, but majority of Japanese people don’t separate such minority people from them. So, problems of discrimination have been not big concern in Japan and I had been thought such problems are not rerated to me. However, there are a lot of discriminations in foreign countries even now. Dr. Mel Ely also says there is still racism in America now. So, I think I should know more about discriminations in the world and think how to solve them and what I can do for discriminated people.

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