Honda Mamiko Entry 2

We had the lecture by Dr.Mel Ely on August 9th. He talked about race relation. Then I thought what equality is. Declaration of Independent had contradiction, he said. Equality included segregation. All man meant birth of those who are not treated as human. It is not a real equality. Does a real equality exist? Many black people were poor but all are not necessarily poor. Black people who are rich could segregate poor people as white people do against black people. I thought it is a problem of mind or morals. It is hard to teach it to someone, and nobody can force to have it. If everyone is considerate of others, there would be no segregation in the world. However, segregation have still existed, so the most important thing is to learn history of segregation, I think. I’m studying western history in Japanese at the university. I thought that it is important to learn other country’s history in its language and to listen to lectures from who lives in other countries through this program.


I was surprised to hear that the number of Christians is decreasing at the lecture today. I went to the Bruton Parish Church in this morning, there are few young people. Many reasons could be considered. Of course, there would many problems for Christians, but I don’t think that being unaffiliated is bad. There is strong connection between religion and politics. I think that many people becoming none-Christian or Unaffiliated has a good influence on situation of American politics. Politics should be separated from religion. Tramp has many ardent supporters who have religious thought. It is dangerous for American society. Similar situation can be seen slightly in Japan. I think many young people who have critical eyes should run a government. The situation young people become to have a new thought on religion would be a turning point for American politics. However, Christianity is very important for many people, so it is difficult and delicate problem. We should think of this problem from various aspects.

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