Manai Suzuki Journal2

In August 9th, I had a lecture of the history of race in United States by Dr. Mel Ely. In Japan, there is no big difference between people, so I didn’t think about the race. However, I heard about the history of the black people, I thought I have to think about the race. I found little similar example of this in Japan, about the Japanese people’s prejudice to Chinese and Korean. Some Japanese think that those people dislike, or they look down those people. I feel all of people are equal because they have their one culture or thinkings, so I think we have to respect each others. Also I think there is discrimination in Japan in the past but I don’t really know about that, so want to search more about the history of our country.

I had a lot of fun in my free time yesterday.  First, in the morning, I went to the morning market and museum. I drunk a cup of lemonade, it was very fruity and chocolate muffin was very very tasty! Also at the museum, I saw the relic of Washington. Then I went to the beach. My hometown doesn’t have any sea, so it was very good experience for me. I took many picture with my friends but I only soak my foot so next time, I want to swim.

Last of the day, I visited baseball stadium and watch baseball game. It was my first time to watch baseball game except my high school friends’ one. There are a lot of exciting performances between the games, so I thought that the people who don’t know baseball rules can also have fun.

Finally, I went to the church this morning. My image of the church was strict and beautiful. I could feel the atmosphere in the church so I was very praised. 

I’m getting used to be in America, so I want to improve my English speaking ability!

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