Mikoto Kanno Journal2

I often feel the difference between Japan and America during this summer program. I went to Bruton Parish Church. I visited the church service for the first time. The church service was difficult for me. I couldn’t understand what Father said, because I was not familiar with the word. There are some points to be worried about.

First, there were many old people and a few of young people. By comparison, there are a few of religious ceremony in Japan. Then, I thought that American is very religious. But I participated the church service and noticed most American is not religious. I think young people are not religious in America. I think Japanese young people, too. In Japan, some young people don’t send New Year’s card “Nengajo”. Actually, I had sent it until I was a junior high school student, but I don’t send it recently. I will not send it next year. I think that I will send If I have a family.

Second, the church atmosphere was inspiring. This was strict and mysterious, but freedom. I feel that people freely visit and participate. I was surprised that Father said joke and people laughed, people represent “peace” and shook hands with around them. In Japan, most rituals are held strictly. Laughing is not good.

Third, It was almost white people there. There were a couple of black people. I thought black people don’t go church. But, in dialog class, classmates who went to other church said that there were a lot of black people. Then, I guess people go to church depending on races.

Fourth, people work in spite of Sunday. I remembered that Sunday was a rest day for Christians. Because the shopping malls we went to today were hardly open. But the church service is on Sunday. The Father and Sisters work on Sunday. Why? I think that they take care people who work on weekdays instead of god.

I was able to think deeply about religion through valuable experiences in church.


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