Miu Nishimura Journal2

On Saturday, I went to Richmond to watch baseball games. I was really excited because I was a manager of baseball club when I was a high school student. Before I came to the US, I thought an American baseball ground is bigger than Japanese, but it was false. Flying squirrels baseball is as big as Japanese baseball ground. Japanese baseball funs tend to sing, because all of baseball players have their own fight songs. When someone get a goal, Japanese baseball funs often buy a lot of beers and drink. In contrast, American people don’t sing too much, but they dance. They eat hotdogs, popcorns, and French fries but they don’t drink to excess. To watch baseball games earnestly, I think American people are suitable for baseball fans. I was surprised when many people appeared on the ground regardless of their ages, sex, or disabilities. In Japan, children don’t dance on the baseball ground. Moreover, a wheelchair boy cannot pitch on the mound. I think everyone can enjoy baseball games in various means in the US. In Japan children can participate the first-pitch ceremony but most of them are boys. And I haven’t seen disable people joining the first-pitch ceremony.

On August 9, I learned race relationships in American history. In the US, many African-American people have been discriminated through history. And even today some white people try to separate colored people. This discrimination stems from their poverty. Some Japanese people discriminate others such as Chinese or Korean people. Considering this issue in historical aspects, Japanese people tend to look down on them. This situation is similar to the US. Moreover, Japanese people today don’t like them because they are noisy, and some of them don’t follow Japanese manners. This aspect doesn’t occur until these days, so I think it is difference between the US and Japan. Many Japanese people call foreigners “gaijin”, and non-Japanese people sometimes feel unwell. That’s why Japanese think they are totally different from them. And I think discrimination towards African-American people exists in Japan because Japanese society have accepted Western culture or thoughts. As I said before, many Japanese are frightened of talking with foreigners. But considering my own experience, they particularly avoid having contact with African-American people. This is segregation in today’s Japanese society. Japanese people should reconsider the news of being shot African-American people by police, or white nationalists for the sake of living in harmony with foreigners.

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