journal 3 Tsukasa Nakamura Feminism

A week have passed since we came to the United State. Everything was fresh and stimulating for me. I wish my English skill is improved. All lectures are interesting. Today` s topic is about feminism. I thought there are only 3 waves feminism in the United State. When I studied about American feminism in high school student, there were no feminism of 4 waves. However, professor taught us about 4 waves feminism. First feminism asked for women`s right in the United State and England. This movement is sometimes called women`s declaration of independence. Second feminism asked for women`s equal. This movement offered to imagine that women should smile and have long hair. And also, offered to family role that decided by sex. Every woman asked for equal opportunity to work and salary. Third`s feminism asked for respect everyone`s personality regardless their sex, races, body and color.

The 4 waves feminism have deep relation with social media. This movement follow tiny personal problems and other people spread information on social networks. For example, there are `Me too` movement in twitter. It against sexual harassment and sexual assault, especially in workplace. The movement began to expand in October 2017. Women were able to speak up about sexual harassment thanks to the `Me too` hashtag that has been spread all over the world.

I saw the movement `me too` on the twitter in Japan. First time, I couldn`t understand what this hashtag means. They rode the 4th wave. I think it is really cool movement. Many Japanese didn`t have passionate to participate that movement. Why didn`t many Japanese have passionate to participate that movement? In japan, I think the workplace are worse than the United State. There are more sexual harassments in Japan than the United State. I wonder woman in Japan hesitate to express their feeling. The reason this is because work style in Japan interrupts to argue their opinion. I think that the lifetime employee still exists in large companies in japan. So once people retired the job, it is difficult to rework at same place.

However, we can say opinions on the internet easier than past. The internet helps us to say opinions. I`m also kind of feminist. Because feminism is not only for woman and also for man. In japan there are trains for only woman, discount for woman, store for woman. In my experience, when I was high school student, I had to prepare for sports festival because I am men. These matters are not equal. I think these are problem. Feminism is really complicated problem. I hope to make world that each people be respected by everyone.


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