3 koryu

 I was very interested in the lecture that told us about the pop culture. I agree with the idea that knowledge about pop culture is very useful when you want to share your culture with foreigners. In America, there are many pop- culture like street dance and rap music, and so on. In the lecture, teacher taught us we can share about the common sense about how the female should be, and how male should be. For example, if the person is wearing dress, normal people might assume the person is female. But, of course, there are many people who want to dress up like girls even if they are men. Though we may be able to tell he is acting like girls.   

  In the lecture, teacher showed us the character of Disney and told us what difference we can see between male and female in terms of face or clothes and how they behave. I could understand the message included in the movie. For example, I think the Disney movie want to tell us the confliction between the rich and the poor. I mean bad guys often wear gold, but main character looks miserable. So, when the children see the movie some stereotype. I wrote before might be implanted in their brain. I think this is a little bid not good for their education  

  And teacher also taught us about the cultural appropriation. For example, Japanese use image of hamburger when they express the image of America. This makes American feel angry. This is a little bad example. But, Manga like Dragon Ball read in America is good example. I saw the music video made by Aviril and in that she says many time “kawaiine“. I thought it is funny.  

 The example of cultural appropriation is rap music spread by th black. It is very popular in Japan, and there are a lot of big games. But one thing I wonder is there may be some difference between the rap music of America and Japan. So what happens when American rapper see the Japanese rap.        





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