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First, I’m going to write about the lecture of digital feminism. I learned that women were and are discriminated against.

Especially, I was shocked by the video about the sexual harassment for the black woman. In the video, a walking woman in the black T-shirt and black pants is teased by the strange men.I was surprised to know that there are still many men who think women should be modest.

In Japan, there were bad news about the discrimination against women. A university made it difficult for women to enter by losing points for only women in entrance examination. Like this, not just in the America, discrimination against women has not been solved in the world. But I think America has a particularly big problem of the discrimination. Because in America, there are no low to protect women but other developed countries have.

Actually, I searched “Me Too Movement” on twitter after the lecture. I was surprised to see that more people suffer from sexual violence than I have expected. I think knowing this fact is meaningful. So blogs and twitter are efficient media for the movement because many people are interested in these media now and these can easily spread information.

Next, I’m going to write about the lecture of popular culture. I think popular culture reflects people’s mind and stereotype.

In this lecture, I noticed my stereo type I have never noticed. For example, in the Disney movies, heroes and heroines are usually white, female villains are powerful women, male villains are not manly man like a gay or person who made up. I think such stereotypes were formed when I was a child. So movies and TV programs for children shouldn’t have bad stereotypes for the race and gender.

The teacher showed us the picture of the Japanese musician called Arashi. They painted their face black and they put wig of afro. They looked like black people. In Japan, we sometimes see people who look like this in a comedy show. This is not positive representation. But Japanese don’t think it very bad to do this. Because few black people live in Japan so Japanese are insensitive to discrimination against black. I think Japanese have to be more sensitive to representation of another culture.




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