Azusa Murata journal3

I’m going to write about what I learned while working on my focus group. My group is studying the differences between elementary school transportation in the U.S. and Japan. There are three things that I learned the difficulty of our presentation while working on my focus group. First, I thought that it was very difficult for me to explain in English what I was doing and I was trouble in. I can become to understand what foreigners say in English and the rough contents of lecture in English. But when I talk about what I am searching, I am lost for words. Even though I can explain about what I am searching in Japanese, I can’t translate technical words and words of peculiar to English well. Second, I found that it was difficult to adjust a type of slides. Our team made slides respectively, so there were many different types of slides in power point of our presentation. Some were colorful and included many illustrations and statements, others were simple and included some graphs. If one member of our group made all slides of presentation, the workload of the member would become very heavy and might not meet the deadline of the presentation. So, our team thought that it is better for everyone to make respectively but to adjust the style of slides is our team’s theme. In the end, our team could adjust a type of sliders. Third, I felt that it was difficult to find statistics about what I researched. There were many statistics comparing Japan and the U.S. by a bit different year and things, but there were few statistics comparing Japan and the U.S. by same year and utter same materials. So, it takes very long time to find a suitable statistic.

I think that the presentation which we made with having trouble making our presentation will become good. So, I want to do my best tomorrow.

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