Erina Ohara Journal3

I learned that we have stereotype of various things naturally as we can recognize what he is a man on August 13th.  It is so interesting to judge by appearance, behavior, voice and so on because I have not thought about that.  Furthermore, I don’t remember learning how to recognize by someone.  I think that we can learn that while we live every day.  For example, watching the movies and reading comics.  Recognizing a lot of things looks so good.  Is this really good thing?  I guess that the answer is no.  I have two reasons why I think so.

First, we may hurt anyone by having stereotype.  We can know what he is a man, but we sometimes make a mistake by recognizing appearance and behavior.  Then, some of them who get mistakes from someone would be sad.  Now, there are some kinds of gender all over the world.  We have to understand them to communicate each other.  I think that we have a few opportunities that relates other who has gender of minority in Japan.  In the United States they maybe have more opportunities than Japan, though I don’t know if the people of the United States learn about kinds of gender in their school.  I don’t have memory that I learn about that in Japan.  We probably know that when I touch on media or social media including various opinions and information, so we may have a prejudiced opinion.  That’s why we may hurt heart of someone when we make a mistake.

Second, it is kind of difficult to change stereotype.  As I write in first reason, our information sometimes wrong.  However, stereotype that we have taken since we were child don’t always change.  I think that stereotype also relates the place where we live still now.  Thus, environment around us influences us.  There are people who have different thoughts in the world.  That fact is so amazing.   That’s correct, but it also shows that it is necessary for us to understand each other.  We are sometimes required to change or update our stereotype.

In conclusion, we should not recognize someone simply.  We should know that recognizing a person is actually difficult.


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