Honoka Nakagawa journal3

I would like to talk about lecture on August 13. We learned about American popular culture. The main point of this lecture was what is pop culture and why is it important. I knew pop culture, but I wasn’t familiar with this topic. I enjoyed learning, watching  Japanese commercial and characters of Disney movie. I realized the heroines of Disney movie finally win the fight or has happy end. We also saw a picture of two robots and were asked which robot is woman. The answer to this question was right robot and left robot was man. because a pose and gesture of right robot were softer and feminine. I found that I distinguish men and women by length of hair, behavior and gesture without considering. One glance I thought that left robot was women because the right robot was blue color and the left robot was pink color, which are same color just as imagined. Although I don’t know about other countries, in Japan, restroom mark color usually different. The mark of men is blue or black and the one of women is red or pink. But two robots of this picture ware opposite color of my image. So, I thought the color combination of this picture was made intentionally or accident. I wanted to ask this question to Khanh Vo, but I couldn’t ask because there was no enough time. Although this is only my opinion, I concerned it. And it is very difficult for me to think where is the line between positive representation and cultural appropriation. For example, Chinese food made by Japanese is really Chinese food? What standard we use while judgement? For example, an underwear brand Kimono in the U.S. and California roll of sushi. Are they positive representation or cultural appropriation? I thought this problem is very difficult. These problems exist on all over the world, so I felt that we have to work on these problems and think it. And I want to know pop culture all over the world including my country Japan.

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