Journal 3 (Daiki Takatsuka)

I’ll write down about about August 12th, 13th, and 14th. There is no events in these three days, so apparently, These days look boring. But, I learned a lot of things from Framework lectures.

On August 12th, I learned about “What is Digital Feminism.” Feminism are divided into 4 waves, and today we are in the 4th wave. In this wave, people use SNS(Social Network System), for example, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram. In the lecture, I watched a selfie video, a woman walking streets alone. While she is walking, people say to her, “Beautiful.”, “Hey, baby.”, and so on. It made me very surprise. In Japan, people say nothing to other people, when they are walking streets. If you talk to women on the street, they think you are hitting on. So, this is the big difference between the U.S. and Japan.

On August 13th, I got a lecture of “Representation in American Pop Culture” from Ms. Khanh Vo. I learned that gender is not natural. In other words, gender depends not on nature but on nurture. As she said, teachers should educate students about gender as early as possible. I truly agree with her. When I was in elementary school and junior high school, a friend of mine was a transgender. But, I didn’t know what transgender was. So, I  may have made him feel bad. I think if only I could have been educated about gender at an earlier age. I don’t know when teachers in America educate students about gender, but I think teachers in Japan should educate students as early as possible. Also, parents should teach their children before it becomes more difficult for children to change their thoughts.

On August 14th, I learned about “History of social movement” and “History for social movement.” Today’s topic is too difficult to understand. It is often said that history is distorted by historians. But, I didn’t know why we have to learn about the distorted history. So, I asked this question to Dr. Vineeta Singh. Her answer was very concise and very beautiful. “To learn historical thinking.” If we don’t have historical thinking, I think, history becomes “story” made by historians. So, this may be a crew to distinguish fact from fiction. Learning historical thinking may lead us to the truth. So, it is very important for us to learn history.

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