Journal 3 Ryusei Kuwamitsu

On August 11, in the morning, we went to Bruton Parish Church. My first impression was very brightly there, in contrast to looks outside. We sang the hymn, listened to the sermon, and I ate peace of bread with wine. It is Christian rites. I liked the sound of the pipe organ. I think the sound is beautiful and holy.

After we went to the church, we listen to the lecture about religion by Dr. Jessica Johnson. She said that recently the number of unaffiliated is increasing especially the mainline protestant. I thought that is true because I found almost older white persons, a pear of African persons, and some children in Bruton Parish Church. I went to the catholic Christian kindergarten, but I’m not Christian. I don’t pray before eating and go to church.

I have been to the protestant church once to the funeral of my friend’s mother. When my grandfather died, he didn’t have any religion if anything Buddhism that our ancestors have. His funeral was very simple. I thought that the funeral of the religion is good because a person is treated politely after he died. It is worth that only have some religion.

So, I asked Dr. Johnson. I thought that death is an important part of the religion, it is the reason why religion still exists despite science is developed.

She said it is true, and not only death but also birth. In Christianity, people can be born again as Baptism. So, people can change and live as new ones. In Buddhism, the rite isn’t, but also birth and death are important for Buddhists.

Science is developed, but birth, death, and living are still not elucidated. So, people have no choice but to have religions for not elucidated things such as birth and death. Religions will exist forever if there is something to be not elucidated.

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