Journal 3, Taro Uemura

I have heard a lot of interesting lecture on this program.  Yesterday, I sat in a lecture about American popular culture. It was so interested. Now let me talk about that.  First, Dr.Vo said that pop culture is that the tastes, preference, customs and behaviors embraced by the broad mass of the public at any given point in time. She also said that it is social glue. I have never thought about definition of pop culture, so it gave me surprise.  Then, she showed relationship between pop culture and jender. In Disney films, many hero is muscular.  On the other hand,  almost all the villans are not manly man. For example, thin,  eyelined, small, not musculer, and more. When I heared that, Japanese animation Ghibli came to mind.Different from Disney movie, in almost all the Zhibli animations,  hero is woman or girl, and They bravely defeat villans who are powerful , and muscular, or some kinds of ghost.  From this perspective,  there is a difference between America and Japan in the charactaristics of hero and villans.  Next, she argue that there are culturel appropriation in America. For example, in late 19 century or early 20 century, there was minstrel show in America. In the show, white people dance and sing, painting their face black. She said that that is a bad example of culturel appropriation because it is clear that white people don’t know well about black culture. In Japan, I think that Christmas or Halloween is example of the culturel appropriation. Different from the United States, Japanese people don’t have specific religion , so they don’t have any background of these event. Especially, Halloween is very different from the United States. People wear costume and gather around big station like Shibuya, and make a noise all night. I don’t like the custom. I think that is a bad cultural appropriation.

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