Journal 3 Yu Shimodaira

I want to talk about American pop culuture which I learned.First ,pop culture is the tastes, preferences,customs,  and behaviors. Many people enjoy this culuture ,so pop culuture is very imprtant for our life. Everyone eengages  in pop culuture. It communicates ideas and infuluences us. Coding is very important in pop culuture. Coding is  shorthand language ,set of  rules or ways. It gives traits or physical attributes.  Dr khanh gave a example about Disney character.  Disney’s heroines  wear accessories ,make-up and dresses. Also,Disney’s iliains put eyeliners if they were men. Also there is Buchadal Test. This test is to measure gender  bias.There are two rules. First is “Must have at least two women with names. Second is who talk to cach other. Therefore , we can learn about gender bias  from Disney movies.  We enjoy pop culuture for improving our life  and we can learn a lot of things from pop culuture.

I also want to talk about digital Feminism. Feminism is movement to difine, establish and achieve the political,personal,economic,social  equality of the sexes. “Me too movements”promoted Fenimism. I didin’t have opprtunity to cosider Feminism.  Dr.Liz told that there were more feminists in Japan than in America in a sense. At first, I was surprised by the facts but I can understand it’s meaning. There are a lot of people that claim sexial harassment in Japan. However,I think that the definition of sexial harassment is very difficult. If women claims sexial harassment,  the action which was called sexial harassment wiil be criticized. Therefore, Japanese  government should promote education to undesrstand  gender . Also, I was surprised by the video that Dr.Liz showed. The content is that how walking women in the city   was talked to by surrounding people. These people  told her that she is beautiful,or she should laugh.  I think same thing happen in Japan. Therefore I thought we should try to understand  gender in Japan.

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