journal3 Aiko Nagamine

I saw the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse yesterday. At first, I would like to see Pokémon Detective Pikachu. But my PA in my dialogue class recommended us and it seemed to be interesting, so I decided to see the movie. I thought my dialogue PA will come and see the movie with us, however, she didn’t come. I felt a little sad.
The room in which I saw the movie was always said massy, but cleaner than I and my friend expected. I felt very comfortable and relaxed.

In the movie, I felt something similar to Japanese like manga.
In this movie, the exclamation of surprise was represented by being displayed on the screen directly−such as “AAAA” or “Woooo”.
It evokes me Dr. Slump & Arale-chan:Japanese manga written by the same author of Dragon ball.
I thought, thanks to the art, we can
feel more vivid what the hero
feels, comical even though it is an action scene.
I also founded good points in this movie. In this movie, there are many laughing points, and it is universal.
This movie was so great. It is because I know how difficult to make people who have a different background laugh.

However, I suspect why spider women:spider grewn suits are used mainly black and white.
I didn’t think black is used as suits color for women.
I considered white reminds of us peace, happiness, innocent,clean…and it is more representive of women than man and that are plus images.
At the same time, it conjures images of bland, flavorless, insipid, flat.
On the other hand, black seems to mean power, death, night−something bad images.

These images of color are compartiable with  the charcrter of spider woman.

Black is antithetic to  white. But I think it is important.Spider women suits might represent fenimism.

It seems to me that by using mainly Black in her suits, it shows that she has the power to fight−regardless of gender.



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