Kanna Shimane Entry 3

On Monday, I got lecture about ‘Digital Feminism’ by Dr. Elizabeth. One of the most referred subjects, sexual harassment, has been become a topic in recent Japan, I felt it was good chance to think about the problem.


I think there are more opportunity to pick up the news about sexual harassment anywhere or anytime than before in Japan. I can see such news every day and always they are considered as very big and important problems. I agree with this thought, but actually, as the word of ‘harassment harassment’ has become to exist nowadays, Japanese people and media react too much for harassments. Of course, sexual harassment can never be excused and must extinct as soon as possible. Women, who has ever experienced such circumstance, should claim to make the society better. However, in Japan, women become to claim that it was sexual harassment only touching their shoulder a little bit with men. Is this claim correct? I do not think so. I think that feminism movement is good and women should claim more to make men know women are same as men, human. However, even if women do or say correct things, doing or reacting too much is not good and makes bad influence.


In my case, I may have experienced a kind of sexual harassment by my club members when I was junior high school student. My club members sometimes spoke to me with a little bit sexual words which referred my appearance. I did not think it was a sexual harassment then, but, now come to think of it, it may have been a kind of that. It always made me really bad.


Furthermore, I found that I have never thought about female and male’s equality and problems which are concealed under the equality, especially with women who have color. I have heard that women who have color is under double discrimination, but I have never thought about it. I also have never thought about equality even if the problems are Japan’s problems. However, the problems have existed as important problems for many years so I felt that I should think about it more serious not only relying on making equality laws. I wonder the day will come when all people feel equality and there is no discrimination.

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